We know that once you try Billington’s, whether that be baking a delicious brownie, adding to a BBQ sauce or sprinkling onto porridge, then you won’t want to use anything else.

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The Hairy Bikers

The Hairy Bikers first time

The Hairy BikersDAVE:

“My first time with Billington’s goes back a long way. We had Billington’s light Muscavado sugar in the house for as long as I can remember, my mother would have it in her powdered coffee, and it needed the magic of Billington’s to make that taste good.

When I first started cooking around the age of eleven years old I made myself some flapjacks, I remember they were made with oats and coconut. It was then I used Billington’s Muscavado sugar, and you know what if I say so myself they were brilliant. They were sweet and delicious but not in a harsh, artificial way. Due to the sugar they had a real richness. Everybody loved them, and you know what I’ve never looked back.”


“Billington’s sugar has always been around in our family. My Mam was a great cook and preferred to use good core ingredients when baking. So Billington’s was a natural choice. We all use Billington’s in the family because we all cook. Whatever you add the sugar too you always get good results. I use it to feed my starter when making sourdough bread. The natural yeast in the flour and air seems to like it natural cane sugar and always reacts well, so you get a great loaf.”

Benjamina Ebuehi

Benjamina’s first time

Benjamina Ebuehi“I’ve not looked back since my first time using Billington’s sugar! The Light Muscovado especially is a firm favourite and I love the depth of flavour and caramel tones that it brings to my chocolate cakes and carrot cakes.”

Lily Vanilli

Lily’s first time

Lily Vanilli“My first time using Billington’s was a revelation. As a baker I’m constantly testing recipes and sourcing ingredients so when you strike gold with something so fundamental as sugar it’s very exciting. I had tasted Billington’s before, but it was seeing it and smelling it that was revelatory for me. It sparkles and shines with the golden molasses that’s locked in and it just smells incredible.

I was so excited to bake with it. The first thing I made was my burnt butter, pecan brownie. It’s an award-winning recipe I was proud of and had spent almost 10 years developing and perfecting, and it was just completely transformed. The texture and flavour were so vastly improved that I knew immediately I was going to switch all the bakery’s sugar to Billington’s, and I have been using it ever since.”


Paul’s first time

Paul A Young“My Billington’s first time was on a rainy cold November evening in 2002 at a dinner party with friends and I wanted to make a comforting dessert.

I used Billington’s light muscovado and golden caster sugar to create a very sticky double baked toffee pudding….The Billington’s muscovado sugar created the perfect toffee sauce baked into the pudding and of course, poured on top. I was from that moment hooked and have not used another sugar other than Billington’s since.”